In this section we show the steps and the photos of the renovations, the complete opposite of a design done by our architects.


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In this section, we'll show you photos of an apartment on two levels we renovated and the design realized by the Architect Franco Nannavecchia

Following the request of the customer, the ramp access to the garage, has been transformed in the area of green with two beautiful planters manufactured on the site, with a zest of Trani, after the prepared points of light and plant irrigation.

Following the customer's request, the garage access ramp has been transformed into a fantastic green area with flower boxes along the wall and above the technical compartment, built on site after having prepared light points and an irrigation system.

The transformation of a local in a study of multifunctional, by means of reduction of partitions, and installation of a kitchen inserted in the wall. Particular attention has been paid during the construction phase of the wall for the insertion of the module, and kitchen doors made to measure.

Realization on demand of the customer of a cabinet containing a television 50" with its home theatre system and the speakers are completely integrated and hidden.

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