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  • Boero

    Boero today, confirming a position of leadership within the colorful market of paint products in three strategic sectors: Construction, Yachting and Naval.

    This primacy is synonymous with success, deriving from a great tradition that blends with a new culture of color.

  • Cebos

    A high level of professionalism with internal, a working group cohesive, are one of the strengths of a company that makes human resources a priority.

    Aesthetic flow rate to the highest standards of performance: this is Cebos Color.

  • Giorgio Graesan

    A leading company in the field of decoration by Giorgio Graesan and Friends was born from the idea of creating a community based on mutual respect and to be addressed to create a Better World through Aesthetics.

    A year of great change in 2012 with the presentation to Follow Your Instinct that will definitely change the boundaries of our surfaces by using the third dimension, and then the depth in our finishes.

  • Relius

    A complete range of products is constantly updated, thanks to the constant attention to the evolution of the market, unable to fully meet the needs of both the professional and the private.

    The efficiency of the German, constant innovation and respect for the environment are the cornerstones of the company, which boasts numerous certifications specific to each product type in the catalog, a synonym of unquestionable quality and safety.

  • Tilas

    Company in continuous development, which brings with it the baggage of acquired knowledge and uses the most recent technologies available on the market.

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