In this section, we are pleased to show you with pride a selection of the works executed by the Ma.Ni. Restructuring, broken down by the environment and/or the type of intervention carried out at the customer.

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To customize a single wall of an environment to the interior of the apartment, we can apply stucco decorative and finish the interior with various solutions; in this case it is used the product RAFFAELLO DECOR STUCCO, OIKOS , which is a breathable coating based on lime putty, ideal to revive the ancient work called "effect marmorino".

Bathroom minimalist with inserts in the mosaic, at an apartment in the area of Laurentina.

The renovation of a compartment in the bathroom at a house in the area of Casalpalocco.

Detail of the bathroom renovation on the apartment site in the Piazza of the Navigators.

Renovation spacious bathroom at the apartment site in the area of Tarragon. Also in this case, as can happen, it was mandatory for the construction of a retaining wall to align the wc and bidet, as the plant Geberit would not have been possible to cash it.

Characteristic of this work of reorganization of the compartment in the bathroom, it was as the request of the customer, the replacement of the window and the resizing of the compartment to be able to place the flat - shower, cheé was done on the spot by using material Mapei Mapelastic.

Construction of a structure in masonry and wood, finished then with the combined coatings.

Complete renovation of engineering systems of an apartment in the area of the Square of the Navigators, using a variety of colours when painting.

Special features of this bathroom is the installation of sanitary suspended, and the positioning of the tub to under the window, after construction of a wall for alignment with the column of wastewater.

Construction of a counter wall in the reception office, using the panels Alpha to ensure the rationality of measures and design, benefitting from a perfect system of joints on all four sides to ensure absolute parallelism of the faces.

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