In this section, we are pleased to show you with pride a selection of the works executed by the Ma.Ni. Restructuring, broken down by the environment and/or the type of intervention carried out at the customer.

Our Work 

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Complete renovation of the exterior at a villa located in Santa Severa

Complete renovation of an apartment in the area of the Tower. Feature of the intervention was thereduction of the walls of the hallway , and the hallway, getting a beauty most bright, livable and large.

For the flooring of this living room, it was used a support Lvt Luxury Vinyl Tile (tile vinyl luxury), which consists of a synthetic floor covering composed of multiple states Pvc (product derived from salt), representing a valid alternative to any type of floor.  

Characteristic of this work done at an apartment site in the area of Aurelia Antica, was theextension of the living area, pulling down the walls of the kitchen and hallway, getting a single space living room of 45 sqm

The work of demolition, expansion and repainting of an apartment in CasalPalocco, Rome.

The work of plant engineering, coating, painting, and fitting the kitchen at an apartment in CasalPalocco, Rome.

Painting of the walls at an apartment on two levels, located in the area Trigoria. As the practice of the company in the preparation of theenvironment is considered fundamental, but in this case, is placed a further attention to preserve the parquet floors and the staircase existing.

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