In this section, we are pleased to show you with pride a selection of the works executed by the Ma.Ni. Restructuring, broken down by the environment and/or the type of intervention carried out at the customer.

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Construction of a counter wall in the reception office, using the panels Alpha to ensure the rationality of measures and design, benefitting from a perfect system of joints on all four sides to ensure absolute parallelism of the faces.

Special features of this bathroom is the installation of sanitary suspended, and the positioning of the tub to under the window, after construction of a wall for alignment with the column of wastewater.

Construction of a structure in masonry and wood, finished then with the combined coatings.

In this implementation, we would like to show you how you can maintain and restore the floors existing, if they are well worth it, as in this case, in view of the flooring in marble, after the elimination of a dark corridor and along to give life to a bright and spacious atmosphere.

Extrapolation of the kitchen area, forming part of a renovation of an apartment site in Monteverde Vecchio; to connect with the peninsula installed at the center of the environment, has been used the system "Sanitrit" to compensate for the absence of the right slope.

Restructuring the plants and walls of the entire apartment in the area of Salary with the move of the kitchen, that came from another renovated apartment, only two years before, always with our customer.

Structural modification to allow the insertion of two roof windows Velux.

Extraordinary maintenance of a one family house, located in Marina di San Nicola.

Application Decorative Painting inside of a legal office in Rome, Piazzale Clodio. Particular attention has been paid to the needs of the customer, while maintaining at the same time the sobriety that suited to the activity that the environment represents.

Restructuring of a local business, turned to the studio, Make-Up, located in the heart of Rome, in the area of Trastevere. The design and direction of works has been performed by theArchitect Franco Nannavecchia, entrusting the task to our company.

Detail bathroom renovation at an apartment site in the area of Casalpalocco, Rome.

Complete renovation of engineering systems of an apartment in the area of the Square of the Navigators, using a variety of colours when painting.

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