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Boero today, confirming a position of leadership within the colorful market of paint products in three strategic sectors: Construction, Yachting and Naval.

This primacy is synonymous with success, deriving from a great tradition that blends with a new culture of color.

The genoese company belongs to the few companies in the country that can run with the memory nearly two centuries of its history: originated in 1831 with the acquisition of a small factory for the production of white lead in powder, and to his guidance, we find the family Boero, whose entrepreneurial spirit, along with the introduction of valuable and innovative technologies, leads to a rapid development in the paint sector for the building industry, already at the beginning of the ‘900.

But.Ni. Restructuring prefers the use of paints of high quality for the realization of works of painting. A tempering machine or semilavabile certified will always be a warranty for the works of renovation of Your home.


Transpirant water-based paint for interiors, characterized by the presence of special raw materials, which guarantees to support excellent breathability and good water repellency.

Water-based paint, acrylic interior, high power , anti-mould, anti-algae and antimuschio, with the presence of specific additives, with wide spectrum of action.

Coating anti-algae acrilsilossanico for external, based on plastoriti micronized and selected aggregates with high resistance to atmospheric agents.

Water-based paint characterized by good coverage and excellent breathability thanks to the special granulometry and high opacity, uniform support, by masking any small imperfections.  

Wall coating with high breathability to the interior, heat-insulating, anti-condensation, high power, mildew resistant and sound-absorbing.      

Water-based paint washable, interior and exterior, very versatile and easy to apply, characterized by a high power hiding and excellent point of white.

Finish mural good resistand's to dry, provides excellent coverage for external and internal,which differs from normal water-based paint for the unique look of soft, satin.

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