The BUT.NI. Restructuring is a craft company that focuses on renovations and was founded in 1996 by brothers Mario and Nicola Facondo. For many years we operate in the field of restructuring with the aim of providing a perfect balance between the quality of the materials used and the professionalism of the workmanship.

The main activity is the painting of walls and ceilings, the laying of floors and coverings in ceramic, marble, wood, the creation of suspended ceilings, movable walls and/or equipped in masonry or plasterboard. Thanks to a skilled workforce, adequate equipment, to the support of professionals in the phase of the plant and the use of high quality materials, we can offer a renovation service complete and high-level.

The satisfaction of the final customer is our primary goal and for this, the work is finished, the assist in the choice and fitting of the accessories, hoping in time to leave a beautiful memory.

In the last 15 years our work of renovation are concentrated in the management of direct and indirect owned apartments ENASARCO, Aeronautica Militare, Istituto Case Popolari, Embassy of Indonesia, garages ATAC, homes and offices, the CGIL, the stairwells of the Condominium, villas, and private shops.