Ma.Ni. Ristrutturazioni, a company with many years of experience in the construction sector, offers to all its customers on Rome, the service of the ready intervention of the hydraulic and electric.

We are able to intervene quickly, within 24 hours from the call throughout Rome and Province.

Once the intervention took place, if the necessity of a renovation of the plant in question, followed by the drafting of a specification to define in detail the work to be performed, computing time and cost.

The main services offered by our company are:

  • Installation of paneling, flooring, mosaic and parquet flooring.
  • Painting with washable paint classic, glazing, and sponging.
  • Finishing with venetian stucco, ancient velvet, terre fiorentine, a paint based on epoxy resins.
  • Installation of wallpaper and vinyl.
  • The study and implementation of plumbing, hvac, and network, wastewater, gas and air conditioning systems.
  • Study and realization of electrical, telephone, tv, satelittari and digital intercoms and video entry-automatic devices, and alarms.
  • Design and construction of fireplaces, stairs, furniture, masonry, walls in plasterboard, false ceilings.
  • Works in iron, aluminum and wood.

The satisfaction of the final customer is always our primary objective, and for this we are committed to provide and ensure the highest level of quality of our accomplishments, then please contact us without hesitate to find out everything that we are able to offer you by meeting your needs.

We will respond in the shortest time possible, providing you with a detailed quote for the required work, suggesting possible alternative solutions.

Ma.Ni. Ristrutturazioni, our professionality at Your service!