Ma.Ni Ristrutturazioni Tinteggiatura con pittura lavabile classica, velature, spugnature Distempering with washable, glazes, sponging

The paints for the interiors are divided mainly into three categories: the so-called water-based paints, tempera paintings , and the paintings of ecological lime-based.

Thewater-based paint breathable white, the most commonly used, is composed by pigments (titanium dioxide, white lead, chrome, barium, oxides, etc.), binders, vinyl or acrylic, items thickeners, such as clays, which give the viscosity, ammonia and sodium hydroxide to stabilize the PH, and elements of these fillers, such as clay, talc, kaolin, to give strength to the product and make it more breathable.

The tempera paintings are the most economical, they are made from powdered pigments, to be diluted in water, but are a little opaque and a little resistant and it is precisely because they tend to scrostarsi, must be removed every time you want to repaint.

Finally the paintings to lime, once used only for the decorative elements, today were reassessed and enhanced with natural binders. Represent the solution green to paint the walls.

The patina is a finish wall with a thousand facets, which offers effects that are always different and personal. You can create with different tools. It is characterized by an appearance of transparency, which is reached by superimposing a bottom matte, for example, a painting machine, one or more hands of product-specific colours: contrasting or nuance, depending on the desired result.

Are available in the version with a glossy, matt or waxed, and are obtained by adding to a neutral base (typically, a protective layer, a siloxane with good qualities of breathability) colors universal mixing machine.

The sponge, as its name indicates it is running with a sponge and you can use both synthetic or natural: depending on whether you use one or the other change the final result. With the first a decorative effect is achieved more uniform and compact, in view of the fact that industrial products have a design standard; to the contrary, with the marine sponges, the effect will be uneven, given their nature, non-homogeneous.

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